About WPSN

About WPSN

WPSN offers a play-based approach to early childhood development and education. WPSN’s talented, nurturing, and experienced teachers individualize the curriculum to meet each child’s developmental needs and interests. WPSN consistently fosters cognitive development, social and emotional skills, critical thinking, and creativity, including the following:

  • Lifelong interpersonal skills: How to collaborate and build relationships with peers and teachers
  • Curiosity and critical thinking skills: How to ask, think and hypothesize about the world
  • Respect: For their peers, teachers, community and the world around them
  • Self-confidence: Knowing they are competent learners and that their voice matters
  • A love of learning: Experiencing learning as fun, in an atmosphere of innovation and caring support

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Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to tour WPSN. You can reach us via email at wpsndirector@gmail.com, or by calling 847-446-5153.