Ola Muszynski

Ola Muszynski

I’m passionate about building trustworthy relationships with children.

Listening carefully, observing closely, and talking with children allows me to establish close relationships with each child.  I want children to trust their own abilities and have confidence in themselves.

I think strong relationships are the building blocks and a critical foundation for those accomplishments.

–Ola Muszynski

Ola Muszynski has been with WPSN since 2000.  Ola received her degree in Early Childhood Education in 2007 graduating with honors from Harper College.  Her passion for teaching began when she was only a little girl herself.  When describing her childhood Ola said; “For as long as I remember, my favorite thing to do was to play teacher.  I remember lining up all my stuffed animals, giving them homework, and working hard with all my students.”  Ola believes that early childhood education opens many doors for children’s futures.

In April of 2012 Ola had the incredible opportunity to attend Reggio Emilia study tour in Italy. Her experience there can only be describes as “life changing.”  Ola brings a wide range of experience and educational knowledge into the classroom.  She believes that all children are capable, creative, independent and confident learners.  Ola strives to support each and every child within the school and her classroom community.