JK Enrichment Classes

JK Enrichment Classes

Payment must be made by mail or in person at Winnetka Pubic School Nursery at 1155 Oak Street, Winnetka, IL 60093. You will receive an email confirmation of your placement once your registration form and payment has been received in the office.

Please contact Erin Austria, Director, wpsndirector@gmail.com, or Carrie Kelly, Office Manager, wpsnofficemanager@gmail.com, with any questions or concerns. 847-446-5153

Registration, Session 1

JK Enrichment are classes for the Junior Kindergarten children that meet two afternoons per week from 11:30-1:30.

Open to Junior Kindergarten children

Classes have a maximum of 10 children with a 2 person teaching team

Children may be registered for one or both JK Enrichment classes, and may take one or more Lunchtime Enrichment classes as well.

JK Enrichment classes are only for JK children and focus on math, science, and pre-literacy skills to further prepare your child for Kindergarten.  While the WPSN curriculum already includes these concepts in ALL of our classes, we often find that JK students want more time to further explore their growing interest in early pre-literacy, math, and science.  There simply is not enough time in the JK class to satisfy their emerging abilities and thirst for learning, so these two JK Enrichment classes described below provides that opportunity.

Young Storytellers

After eating a sack lunch from home with friends, children enjoy a special group story time that focuses on bringing stories to life. The children will then create their own stories that include story dictation, writing, and acting out dramatizations and writing letters to loved ones. Print and created literature will be brought to life using creative storytelling, dress up, finger plays, puppets, felts boards and other media.

Math Minds & Scientific Thinkers

After eating a sack lunch from home with friends, children will play games and engage in activities that make number sense tangible and real. Children will have fun with numbers by graphing, measuring, and making predications. They will participate in activity centers and play math games that allow them to practice basic number concepts. Additionally, children will play games and engage in activities that bring science concepts alive. At the beginning of each session, the children will make a hypothesis on a specific scientific concept such as physical, chemical, earth and biological sciences. The children will test their hypotheses by experimenting with materials in their environment. Finally, the children will document their conclusions using graphs and narrative dictations. All of the experiments are child-driven using materials that are safe for them to handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the classes?

Each class will begin with the children eating lunch together for 30 minutes, followed by an hour of class content. The last half hour will bring the class outdoors.

How “academic” will the classes be?

The experiences provided in the JK Enrichment classes will be play based and aligned with WPSN’s Reggio Emilia influenced preschool philosophy.

In the Math and Science class the children will use the Scientific Method to create theories and hypotheses. They will then use natural, recycled, safe materials to test these theories. Negative reasoning, or the process of eliminating all possible logical solutions in order to determine the one remaining possibility, will be used as the children experiment in order to answer the question of “why does this happen.” The experimentation will center on physical, natural and chemical science experiences. The children will document their results using simple mathematical representations such as drawing, graphing and measuring.

In the Young Storytellers class, the children will play with high-quality children’s literature. This will include reading all of the works by one or two authors, such as Eric Carle. The children will compare and contrast the various works of this author and illustrator. They will write their own stories which will be published, acted out and represented using multi media. The children will discuss the components of literature such as characters, plot and setting. These components will be included in the children’s literary works.

I see that the JK Enrichment Classes are 30 minutes longer than regular Enrichment, going from 11:30-1:30. How will that work for the PM JK children with the PM class starting at 12:45?

We have accommodated the overlap of time within the design of the JK Enrichment Class. The PM JK class starts with outside time from 12:45 until ~1:30. The JK Enrichment class design includes lunch followed by the class content, and ends with outside time from 1-1:30. Those coming from the AM JK class will be picked up at 1:30. Those joining the PM class will go inside at 1:30 with the rest of their class. In addition, you will see on the Registration Form that the JK Enrichment tuition is prorated for children in the PM class to account for the time overlap.