Lunchtime Enrichment

Lunchtime Enrichment

Payment must be made by mail or in person at Winnetka Pubic School Nursery at 1155 Oak Street, Winnetka, IL 60093. You will receive an email confirmation of your placement once your registration form and payment has been received in the office.

Please contact Erin Austria, Director,, or Carrie Kelly, Office Manager,, with any questions or concerns. 847-446-5153

Lunchtime Enrichment are classes for all age groups that meet four afternoons per week.

  • Open to children who are 3 years by December 31 and older. Children need to be toilet trained.
  • 4 classes meet Monday through Thursday, 11:15am-1pm
  • Classes have a maximum of 10 children with a 2 person teaching team
  • Children may be registered for any number of Lunchtime Enrichment classes
Registration, Session 1

After eating lunch together, children will join in a semi-structured, yet still emergent curriculum with a particular focus…

C.H.E.F. (Cooking Healthy & Exciting Foods)

Offered to rave reviews for the past several years, CHEF class children will have the opportunity to plan nut-free cooking projects, write and follow recipes, and prepare a variety of healthy foods. Counting and measurement skills will be encouraged, self-help skills will be cultivated, and children will engage in their own hypotheses about their creations. Much of the actions will revolve around the executive functioning skills of planning, listening, sharing, negotiating, turn-taking, and reflecting. Creations this year will include new recipes and old favorites.

Little Tinkerers

Children love to take things apart to see how they work. Little Tinkerers is a class where children will have the opportunity to explore as well as create representations of their world. In this fun, child-driven class, children explore the properties of wires, nuts, bolts, and other constructive materials using child-sized hand tools as they invent and create.

Amazing Artists

This enrichment class allows the children to explore studio art materials. Initially, the children will have an opportunity to freely explore different materials including clay, paint, color, light, paper, and other recycled materials. As the weeks progress, the children will build on their explorations and learned skills to create a final project. Some examples of the final projects include clay animals which can be used to narrate a child-dictated story, recycled materials mobiles and wind chimes or painting on canvases with different materials using different types of brushes.

Earth Wonders (Sessions 1, 2 and 4)

In Earth Wonders, children will have the opportunity to explore those things that make our world so special. This very special enrichment class will allow children to investigate our natural world and will include land and ocean animals as well as creepy crawly creatures. A focus on conservation and recycling will be included in this class. Educational games, music and art materials will be used to explore the endless possibilities of our wonderful earth.

Munchkins on the Move (Session 3)

This marvelous program draws its central themes from nature and aims to bring the child into the music, movement, and environmental experience. Life on earth is subject to seasonal changes – a wonderful phenomenon! This class cultivates the child’s musical development through songs, tonal and rhythm patterns, drumming, poetry and stories, movement activities, listening games, instrumental play.
The children will explore songs, dances and instruments using themes from the seasons and nature. Children are reminded that music is all around them – even in a sunset or a breath of wind! Movement games will encourage gross motor development and cooperation. Movement is incorporated in all classes to develop balance, control and coordination, and to raise the level of consciousness of how to move, where to move and how parts of the body feel while in action.