Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Dear WPSN Families,

We are excited to open registration for our 2017 summer camp.

We divide camp into three two-week sessions. We do this so that you are best able to plan your summer. You are invited to register for one, two or all three sessions.

Discoverers are our littlest campers. These children will remain in our Sky room and use our Secret Garden as an indoor/outdoor learning environment. Adventurers are our campers who will enter our Collaborators and Relators classes in the fall. Adventurer families have the choice of having their child participate in an art camp or one of our math/science programs. As noted on the schedule below, all of the children will remain together for the majority of the morning as they play on the playground with carefully planned outdoor learning experiences. After snack, the group will divide into the group you chose to do that day’s activity. The group will recombine at the very end of our day for dismissal.

WPSN will provide a healthy snack for all campers. Fruit popsicles will be enjoyed on warm days.

More information about our Discovers and Adventurers can be found in the Summer Camp Registration Form (PDF). I am also available to answer any questions you have about our wonderful camp. I look forward to having your child join us!

Erin Booker, Director
Winnetka Public School Nursery

Adventurers Summer Camp, Daily Schedule:

9-10:30 am drop off, free play outside on the playground with activities set up by the teachers.
Note: Both groups of children will remain together during free play.
10:30-11:15 am clean up the playground, change out of wet clothes, snack.
Note: Children will have snack and change with the group chosen on the registration form.
11:15-11:45 am Individual group work.
11:45-12 pm clean up and dismissal.

Summer Camp is a program for all ages that meets for 6 weeks in June and July.

Join WPSN for summer fun! It is a special place for our children to wonder… to explore… to discover… to create… to share… to reflect on their fascinating world… and to grow!

Register for Summer Camp


Children who are enrolled in 2/3 Inquirers or Young Twos Investigators for the fall of 2016 are our Discoverers. This sweet, little camp allows the children to explore the indoor and outdoor learning spaces of our Sky room and secret garden. Water and messy activities such as feet painting are some of the experiences your child will enjoy in this camp. Snack, group time and opportunities to play on the large playground, when the older children are inside will also be provided.

Children do not have to be toilet trained but must be 2 by August 31, 2017.


Our wonderful playground and classrooms are the environments used for exploration of theme-based topics for exploration. Like the school year, camp is play-based and child-directed and led by a WPSN teacher. Following drop off and outdoor play, which always includes water play, sand construction, climbing and negotiating obstacle courses, stories and songs, scientific exploration, bubbles, and art experiences, the children will gather in their group to explore the topic for the group you have chosen. For example your child may build boats to be sailed in lake WPSN (our flooded sandbox) or discover what happens in our kitchen science group. Each session is a happy balance of free play (from among a grand array of choices,) plus a snack and group time. On inclement days our classrooms are used for indoor activities.